To feel inspired? 

To have everyday infused with joy instead of feeling overwhelmed by all that life is asking from you? 

Do you feel like you are meant for more but aren’t sure how to get there (or even where THERE is?)

Are you ready to start really living your life? 

By getting curious about motivations and by removing the “should’s”, the obligations and the pressures of living a certain kind of life you can learn to listen and trust yourself and from there you can create the life YOU were actually meant to live.

A life coach for women who are ready to get real, take action & lead a life of peace, self-love & creativity.


I'm Kate


I work with positive, ambitious, busy women who are ready to let go of the overwhelm, the heaviness of “to do’s” and free themselves from the groundhog day movie that their lives have become; I help them make changes so that they begin to say ‘‘hell yes!’ to their life and recognize that they have the power to become whoever they were truly meant to be.

Along my journey of self-discovery, I have learned that I have the power to create the life I want. And guess what - you do too! I have gathered knowledge and tools that everyone should know, and I want to share these with you too.

As I tapped into what I really wanted in my life and started intentionally taking action to achieve those things, I became happier, more content, more confident, and more fulfilled. As I have grown and changed so have my relationships. I have better, more connected relationships to my children, my family and my friends. 

I now know that if we can get out from behind our fears and limiting beliefs, anything is possible. 

Unsure of what’s next in your life and you feel like every day is the same 

Putting yourself on the back burner in areas of your life

Bored of your day to day life

You are ready to break the patterns you seem to be repeating over and over

Feeling too busy to enjoy the life you have created

This coaching series is for you if...

You might be here because you're feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled or stuck, you know something is missing but are unsure where to go next or how to find the spark that fills you up and gets you excited about your life.

Feel more confident so you can show up in your life more powerfully everyday

Create self-care practices so that you can fulfill your deepest needs and truly show up for others

Let go of old belief patterns so that you can create healthy supportive habits 

Let go of the guilt of not doing or being enough so you can see finally see how amazing you are

Set healthy boundaries so you can say NO to what is no longer serving you

Say YES to yourself so you can find more of what that brings you joy

Create schedules & budgets for more organization and ease in your life 

Create more peace in your family and relationships to feel more connected

I will support you to:

After a decade of learning and becoming a qualified Life Coach I know that I can support you as you embark on your path.

I know the patterns that keep us small and in fear and I know how to ask the right questions to help you get to a place of power in your life instead of feeling like you are at the mercy of it.

As your coach, I will warmly and truthfully encourage, support and guide you to dig deeper and discover what you have been looking for, together we will explore the beliefs that are no longer serving you and start taking action in a direction that feels exciting and inspiring to you.

Why work with me?

more about Kate

An in-depth questionnaire to help determine the course of our series

6 bi-weekly sessions by video conference or phone (in-person appointments are also available if you are located in Calgary)

Unlimited email support between sessions - (so powerful!)

Resources designed just for you based on your individual needs

The coaching series includes:

A one time payment of $460.00 CAD   

3 monthly payments of $160 CAD

your investment

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If you have any questions, email me at

A clarity session is for you if you need help with a single issue or decision. By the end of this session you will have action steps in place to move you forward.

Clarity Session

Investment: $120 CAD