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"Kate will give you the tools that will enable you to take your dreams and desires and make them your reality."

A life coach for women who are ready to get real, take action & lead a life of peace, self-love & creativity.


I'm Kate


I work with positive, ambitious, busy women who are ready to let go of the overwhelm, the heaviness of “to do’s” and free themselves from the groundhog day movie that their lives have become. I help them make changes so that they begin to say ‘‘hell yes!’ to their life and recognize that they have the power to become who they were truly meant to be.

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I believe we all have the power to create the life we want and I want to help you realize that and go for it!

By getting curious about motivations and by removing the “should’s”, the obligations and the pressures of living a certain kind of life you can learn to listen and trust yourself and from there you can create the life YOU were actually meant to live.

As your coach, I will warmly and truthfully encourage, support and guide you to dig deeper and discover what you have been looking for, together we will explore the beliefs that are no longer serving you and start taking action in a direction that feels exciting and inspiring to you.

I wanna get real


- Laurenne K.

"Coaching with Kate was the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE. My husband has definitely noticed my need to prioritize self-care, organization and budgeting. But the biggest change is I am better able to take care of myself and understand that once I’ve done that I can master my other needs. Kate is warm, compassionate, and honest. When you need to hear a hard truth she somehow gets the point to you in the most loving way".

- Bobbie S.

"Coaching with Kate was a life-changing experience! Kate is an extraordinary coach who has a gift for listening to where you are and envisioning where you are heading. She guides you with love and compassion and provides you unique and powerful insights".

- Samantha F.

"An eye-opening & inspiring experience! Through the process I discovered my goals had much deeper meaning than I initially thought and I learned how to be more mindful and more accepting, compassionate and loving towards myself".

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